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Travel Assistance Services

As a Securian Life Insurance Policy Holder, you and your dependents have access to our basic emergency services — but ‘basic’ is far from typical. In an emergency, we are committed to your protection and complete resolution of the situation. We place our experts as close to the heart of each challenge as possible. The Redpoint team is comprised of:

  • Experienced international security personnel running robust 24/7 operations

  • Paramedics and nurses with urban trauma and international medicine expertise

  • Stanford affiliated physicians, in-house doctors and experts in international medicine

  • U.S. and allied special operations veterans, intelligence analysts and security experts including Navy SEALS and Army Rangers

For questions or emergency services call:

1.855.516.5433 (Toll free in U.S. or Canada)
+1.415.484.4677 (International)

Here are the resources that you and your family have access to:

Pre-trip Resource

Call Redpoint to make use of these services:

Assistance & Evacuation

Call Redpoint to make use of these services:

  • Medical professional locator services

  • Telephonic interpretation services

  • Assistance replacing lost or stolen luggage, medication, or other critical items

  • Coordination of pre-hospital assistance

  • Once hospitalized, transport to nearest appropriate medical facility

  • Return of dependent children and rental vehicle; coordination of pet return

  • Arrange for transport of traveling companion

  • Repatriation of mortal remains

  • Transport to the nearest safe area for security emergencies


You may find the following resources helpful for trip planning and travel safety.  Please note that these links are provided for convenience only, and the content is the sole property of the respective owners. Redpoint does not guarantee, endorse, or make any warranties about their use. If you need additional travel protection for you or your family, consider a Redpoint Travel Insurance policy or Evacuation Only Membership.





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Personal & Family Travel Protection

If you need individual or family coverage, we also offer additional Redpoint Travel Insurance plans, in addition to our business services.

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