A Lifesaving Journey in Namibia

A Lifesaving Journey in Namibia


At Redpoint Travel Protection, our commitment to safeguarding your adventures takes on a whole new meaning when real-life stories unfold.

In the vast expanse of the Namibian wilderness, a 66-year-old adventurer found himself facing an unexpected twist in his African safari. Riding in the back of an off-road vehicle, a sudden jolt catapulted him onto the dusty road, resulting in fractured vertebrae. His journey, intended to be a thrilling exploration, took an unforeseen turn that would require swift and comprehensive assistance.

When the wife of our client reached out to Redpoint Travel Protection, a seamless operation kicked into gear. The injured traveler was quickly transported to a hospital in Windhoek, where a local neurosurgeon diagnosed him with a compression fracture in his lower spine. The need for surgery became apparent, and Redpoint’s expertise was summoned to navigate the complex journey of bringing him back home for the necessary medical intervention.

Redpoint’s extensive network, spanning continents, proved invaluable in orchestrating the intricate process of medically evacuating our client from Windhoek to the University of Nebraska Medical Center. The client, now stabilized and cleared for travel, was swiftly transported to Eppley Field in Omaha, marking a crucial milestone in his journey toward recovery.


Upon arrival in Nebraska, the client underwent a successful surgery, with two rods and four screws expertly placed to stabilize the fracture. Redpoint’s dedication to ensuring the seamless coordination between medical facilities and transportation services played a pivotal role in expediting the entire process.

With the surgery completed and stability restored, our intrepid traveler returned home for the crucial phase of recuperation. Redpoint Travel Protection’s commitment to delivering not just medical evacuation services but comprehensive travel insurance benefits, including trip cancellation, trip interruption, lost baggage, and primary medical expense coverages, shone through as a beacon of support for our client and his family.

From the heart of the African bush to the corridors of medical excellence in Nebraska, Redpoint covers your journey across all seven continents. Click here to get a quote