A Medical Escort from Colorado to Florida

A Medical Escort from Colorado to Florida


Accidents can occur unexpectedly, even during domestic travel. At Redpoint Travel Protection, we understand the importance of getting you home safely, no matter where you are. Recently, we assisted a client who experienced an accident in Colorado and needed to return home to Florida for medical treatment.

Redpoint was contacted after our client encountered an unfortunate accident when he fell off his truck, resulting in injuries that required surgery on his knee and tibia. With the prospect of being unable to drive himself back to Florida for continued care, our client turned to Redpoint for assistance.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Redpoint team sprang into action, swiftly gathering our client’s medical documents and assessing the necessary accommodations for his journey home. With meticulous planning, the team arranged for a medically escorted air transfer from Colorado to Florida, ensuring our client’s comfort and safety throughout the journey.

Thanks to the team’s support and coordination, our client arrived safely in Florida, where he could continue his treatment and rehabilitation in familiar surroundings. With the assurance of ongoing assistance from Redpoint, our client can focus on his recovery journey with peace of mind.

As you embark on your travels, domestic or otherwise, trust Redpoint to be your reliable partner, offering the support and assistance you need to navigate any situation with confidence. For a quote and to learn more about how Redpoint can safeguard your travels, click here.