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A Seamless Repatriation from Japan to Miami

A Seamless Repatriation from Japan to Miami


In the midst of a family trip to Japan, an unexpected medical emergency arose when one of Redpoint Travel Protection’s clients suffered a brain haemorrhage. Determined to reunite her with her loved ones in Miami, Florida, as quickly and safely as possible, Redpoint sprang into action.

The call came in, alerting Redpoint to the client’s plight in Japan. With urgency, the team initiated communication with the doctors in Japan to assess the client’s condition thoroughly. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Redpoint worked diligently to anticipate the client’s travel needs and coordinate a smooth transfer from the hospital in Japan to her home hospital in Miami.

As the client’s condition showed signs of improvement, Redpoint spared no effort in facilitating her journey home. A member of the Redpoint team was dispatched to Japan to gather all necessary documentation and escort the client on her voyage back to Miami. Coordination of ground ambulance transport was meticulously arranged, ensuring a seamless transition from the airport to the hospital upon arrival in Miami.

With meticulous planning the entire repatriation process unfolded smoothly. The client was safely transported from Japan to Miami, where she could continue her recovery in the comfort of her home, surrounded by her family and loved ones. For a quote and to learn more about how Redpoint can safeguard your journeys, click here.