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Fixed Flight Arrangements from the French Alps

Fixed Flight Arrangements from the French Alps


In the picturesque setting of the French Alps, an unexpected injury threatened to disrupt a ski trip for one of Redpoint Travel Protection’s clients and her son. Amidst the snow-capped peaks, a client found herself facing a knee injury during a ski trip with her son. Initially dismissed as a sprain, the injury worsened over the course of a week, prompting a return visit to the doctor. With a brace restricting movement and a mandate to avoid putting weight on her knee, the client’s travel plans needed careful consideration.

Determined to prioritize her health and comfort, the client insisted on consulting her own doctor back home before making any travel decisions. Redpoint respected this request and collaborated closely with the client’s medical team to ensure her safe return. Recognizing the need for special accommodations due to her condition, Redpoint proactively reached out to the airline to explore options for adjusted travel arrangements.

Upon assessing the situation, Redpoint determined that purchasing new tickets for the flight home would best meet the client’s needs. This ensured that the client’s leg remained elevated during the long journey and that she received full wheelchair assistance as required. With these arrangements in place, Redpoint closely monitored the flight to Philadelphia, ensuring a smooth and incident-free journey home for our client.

From the stunning slopes of the French Alps to the comfort of her home in Philadelphia, Redpoint Travel Protection provided unwavering support and tailored assistance to ensure our client’s well-being and peace of mind throughout her journey. As you embark on your adventures, trust Redpoint to provide the support and assistance you need to navigate any situation with confidence. For a quote and to learn more about how Redpoint can safeguard your travels, click here.