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Partner With Us

Redpoint Partner Benefits

Redpoint provides travelers with the industry’s best, most comprehensive and flexible array of insurances and services that include trip cancellation/ interruption, property loss, medical and travel assistance, and evacuation.

To ensure the best possible partner experience, Redpoint uniquely owns and provides all key aspects of its offerings: travel assistance, evacuation, claims management and payment, and insurance underwriting.  This means Redpoint can create customized programs for our partners and actively collaborate to provide the best customer experience in the industry. Redpoint works cooperatively with partners for claims, emergency evacuation, travel assistance, customer service and other critical business functions.  Redpoint’s partners have a single point of contact for all their needs.

Redpoint Innovative Partner Tools

Redpoint provides partners with innovative marketing, sales and technology tools to provide better insight into their customers travel insurance experience, decrease partner administrative burdens, and increase travel insurance purchases.

Selected examples include:

Co-Branded Website

Redpoint provides co-branded, customized client facing web-pages that track client purchases, and provide real-time email notification when clients purchase.

Partner Portal

Use our customized web-based Partner Portal to generate quotes, purchase, print or save for future client purchases. Quotes are generated in real-time, allowing you to customize the Redpoint Travel Insurance program best suited for your clients.

Integration with Your Internal Reservation System

Redpoint Web Services integrates the purchase, quoting, invoicing and saving process into your internal reservation system. You can purchase Travel Insurance for your clients while you book their trip

Customized Marketing Materials

Take advantage of customized and co-branded marketing materials that fit within your business processes.

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