24/7 Medical Consultation

Redpoint Provides 24/7 Medical Consultation

A climber in Bolivia contacted Redpoint for a medical consultation after climbing for two weeks and developing symptoms that could indicate altitude related illness.

Reaching altitudes as high as 20k, he descended to a safer elevation to seek the advice of Redpoint’s team of medical professionals after discovering he had chills, muscle aches, dry mouth, and digestive issues. He was concerned that his symptoms could be an indicator of a larger issue and was hesitant to continue his planned climbs should his condition worsen.

Redpoint’s medical team reviewed his symptoms and advised him to seek additional tests at a nearby hospital in La Paz.

Within an hour of calling Redpoint, the climber’s fever broke, and he began to feel better. He opted out of further medical attention and continued his climb without issue.

Many people are aware of the value of Ripcord’s evacuation services, but as Ripcord members, travelers have access to 24/7 live medical and security consultation. Often, these services can help travelers decide on the best course of action while away from home and ensure that valuable trip days are not lost.