From Health Concerns in Johannesburg to Gratitude: A Journey with Redpoint

From Health Concerns in Johannesburg to Gratitude: A Journey with Redpoint

Kathy was kicking off her New Year by embarking on a dream journey to South Africa with her sister and friend, when she faced an unexpected health challenge upon landing in Johannesburg.

After landing in Johannesburg, Kathy, excited for the adventure ahead, found herself struggling with shortness of breath. Worried, she decided to reach out to the Redpoint team, considering her medical history. The team, understanding the urgency, advised Kathy to consult with the on-site hotel doctor.

Following the doctor’s assessment, it was decided that the severity of the situation required immediate hospitalization, and Kathy was admitted to the hospital in Johannesburg. Kathy was suffering from a pulmonary embolism. Redpoint’s team stayed in close contact with Kathy and her companions, ensuring they were updated and facilitating communication during her hospital stay.

Kathy’s condition warranted seven days in the ICU. Throughout her stay, Redpoint’s team, provided unwavering support. Daily check-ins, advice, and crucial information were offered, demonstrating the commitment to ensuring Kathy received the care she needed.

Upon Kathy’s discharge, Redpoint’s team arranged for her and her companions to stay at a guesthouse in Sandton until they could fly home. Despite the unexpected turn of events, they still managed to make the most of their time in South Africa, enjoying a tour of Soweto.

Expressing her gratitude, Kathy commended the Redpoint team for their outstanding support during the challenging situation. rescue testimonial

Kathy’s story is a testament to the invaluable support Redpoint Travel Protection provides during unexpected medical crises. As you plan your next adventure, consider the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive travel protection. For a quote click here.