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Redpoint’s Quick Aid: A Medical Crisis in Italy

Redpoint’s Quick Aid: A Medical Crisis in Italy


Exploring the charming streets of Italy, a Redpoint Travel Protection client faced an unforeseen challenge after suffering a fall on steep steps, leading to a fractured ankle and the need for surgery. With swift action, she was picked up by an ambulance and transported to the hospital in Italy. The diagnosis revealed a fractured ankle, necessitating surgery, and unfortunately, our client and her husband had to cancel the remainder of their trip.

Upon receiving the distressing call, Redpoint consulted with the couple to ensure she received optimal medical care. The dedicated team then helped the couple initiate their medical expenses claim, ensuring they had all the necessary documentation to streamline the process.

Recognizing the challenges the couple faced, Redpoint worked closely with them to arrange a flight upgrade for their journey home. Prioritizing the comfort of the injured client, Redpoint ensured that the couple’s return was as smooth and comfortable as possible.

The couple made it home safely, and Redpoint is currently processing their medical expenses claim. Our commitment to ongoing support ensures that even after the unexpected challenges, Redpoint continues to assist clients in navigating the aftermath of medical crises abroad.

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