Wallet Returned After Trip to Ireland

Wallet Returned After Trip to Ireland


We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of realizing we’ve left something crucial behind, whether it’s your keys, phone, or, in the case of one of our clients, a wallet. But what happens when you’re miles away from home, in a different country altogether? That’s where Redpoint Travel Protection steps in.

 A Redpoint client had just returned to Virginia from a delightful trip to Ireland when they made a heart-stopping discovery—they had left their wallet behind. Panic ensued, but instead of despairing, they reached out to us. Our dedicated assistance team sprang into action the moment we received the call. The wallet had been left behind at the hotel they stayed in Dublin, and our first step was to establish contact with the hotel.

Swiftly, we liaised with the hotel staff, verifying our client’s identity and explaining the situation. Once assured of our client’s authenticity, arrangements were made to securely package the wallet and all its contents. From cash to identification and even vital medical cards, every item was carefully accounted for.

Our team ensured that the package was sent via tracked postage, guaranteeing its safe journey back to our client in Virginia. Days may have passed, but the anticipation and anxiety were swiftly replaced with relief when the package arrived, intact and unharmed.

We understand that mishaps occur, and belongings get misplaced, but with Redpoint Travel Protection by your side, we’re here to assist you every step of the way. So, the next time you embark on an adventure, remember to pack more than just your essentials—pack the assurance of Redpoint Travel Protection. Because when it comes to safeguarding your travels, we’ve got you covered.