Swift Recovery: Redpoint’s Lifeline from Bolivia to Seattle

Swift Recovery: Redpoint’s Lifeline from Bolivia to Seattle


In the heart of La Paz, Bolivia, a Redpoint client found themselves grappling with a severe illness that required urgent attention. The client been enduring sickness every 20 minutes for over 8 hours, they reached out to Redpoint for assistance in finding a nearby medical facility and securing transport to get there.

The Redpoint team sprang into action without delay, identifying a suitable clinic for the client’s needs and arranging transportation for their swift arrival. Redpoint’s dedication to prompt and precise assistance ensured the client received the urgent medical attention they required.

After being seen by a physician, the client was diagnosed with Salmonella. Armed with a course of antibiotics and dietary advice, they embarked on the path to recovery. Redpoint’s commitment extended beyond the immediate crisis, with the team reaching out to gather information about the diagnosis and plan the next steps.

Wanting to continue their recovery in the comfort of home, the client faced challenges in making travel arrangements due to a language barrier. Redpoint stepped in, assisting the client in rearranging flights to expedite their return to Seattle. The client made it home safely, allowing for a more comfortable recovery environment.

Back in Seattle, the client was not only on the road to recovery but also able to file claims for medical expenses and the costs associated with the interrupted trip. If you’re embarking on a journey, consider the peace of mind that comes with Redpoint’s comprehensive travel protection. For a quote and to explore how Redpoint can safeguard your travels, click here.