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Solo Travelling in Lisbon

June 20, 2024

Solo Travelling in Lisbon Traveling solo can be an exhilarating experience, offering a unique blend of freedom and adventure. For one middle-aged traveler, Lisbon’s vibrant streets and historic charm were the perfect backdrop for a memorable trip. However, this journey took an unexpected and challenging turn. While exploring the city, our client began experiencing severe […]
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Biking in Burgundy

June 12, 2024

Biking in Burgundy   Biking through the picturesque landscapes of Burgundy, France, is a dream for many travelers. The lush vineyards, historic villages, and scenic routes offer an unforgettable experience. However, for one couple, this idyllic journey took an unexpected turn. During their cycling tour, the husband took a fall and damaged his ankle. Concerned […]
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The Redpoint Photo Competition: Complete Guide

May 31, 2024

The Redpoint Photo Competition: Complete Guide   We are thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural Redpoint Photo Competition, and we can’t wait to see the captivating moments you capture! Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned photographer, this competition is your chance to showcase your talent and creativity.   Here’s everything you need […]
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Travel Assistance

From Horseback to Hospital – Assistance in Costa Rica

May 17, 2024

From Horseback to Hospital – Assistance in Costa Rica   There’s nothing quite like a family vacation in Costa Rica—sun-soaked beaches, lush rainforests, and thrilling adventures at every turn. Our client and her family were enjoying all that this beautiful country has to offer. However, as with any adventure, sometimes the unexpected happens. During an […]
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Travel Assistance

Wallet Returned After Trip to Ireland

May 1, 2024

Wallet Returned After Trip to Ireland   We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling of realizing we’ve left something crucial behind, whether it’s your keys, phone, or, in the case of one of our clients, a wallet. But what happens when you’re miles away from home, in a different country altogether? That’s where Redpoint Travel Protection […]
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Travel Assistance

A Medical Escort from Colorado to Florida

April 5, 2024

A Medical Escort from Colorado to Florida   Accidents can occur unexpectedly, even during domestic travel. At Redpoint Travel Protection, we understand the importance of getting you home safely, no matter where you are. Recently, we assisted a client who experienced an accident in Colorado and needed to return home to Florida for medical treatment. […]
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