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Our most comprehensive travel program, with evacuation, rescue, and premium coverages.

About Ripcord

Ripcord is your ultimate adventure travel policy. With our enhanced coverage, you can travel confidently, knowing that we’ve got you covered in everything from the routine to extreme.

With robust coverage for trip interruption and cancellation for everything from sickness, injury, pandemics, business reasons, and hunting & fishing restrictions, Ripcord has you covered.

Ripcord includes critical on-trip services for the adventure traveler: medical evacuation from point of injury and illness to home hospital of choice, search and rescue, natural disaster, political and security extraction. Start your adventure confidently with Ripcord today.


  • 32 covered reasons for trip cancellation & interruption, including business reasons, hunting & fishing restrictions, and pets

  • Pandemic coverage that includes cancellation, interruption, and quarantine

  • Medical evacuation and rescue from the point of emergency to your home hospital of choice

  • $100,000 of primary medical expense coverage

  • Pre-existing medical condition waiver if purchase conditions are met

  • Political, security and natural disaster evacuation for unexpected natural disasters, terrorism, civil war, and other dangerous & chaotic events

  • Search and rescue

  • Travel inconvenience benefits

* Benefits described are related to travel insurance underwritten by State National Insurance Company Inc.

What our clients are saying

I couldn’t believe it. The last time I filed a claim was after a faulty pipe caused water damage — the insurance company asked me to file three times and in the end, all I got was a higher premium. I’ve been recommending your company to all my traveling friends.

Charles M., Trip Interruption Reimbursement

We thought we were going to die. $372. The best investment I ever made.

Jerry R., Everest Evacuee

Got me home when it counted despite the complexity of my particular medical issue. My wife puts it well: made us feel like we were part of a special operation.

Craig L., Evacuee

Were it not for you guys, that bag would never have arrived. It would be sitting at the airport in Iceland.

Joe V., Lost Baggage

Our operations team was thoroughly impressed with the level of service, the level of knowledge and how ‘switched on’ your personnel have been throughout the process. This was one of the most extreme evacuation scenarios one could come across in the locations we visit and your team handled it flawlessly.

Redpoint Client

Redpoint delivers the highest quality services in the industry. Redpoint’s leaders have the highest integrity and create solutions that generate real value in my business.

Steve M.

Ripcord Benefits

Benefits Maximum Benefit Per Person
Trip Cancellation* Up to 100% of the insured trip cost
Cancellation For Any Reason (CFAR)** Up to 75% of Trip Cost – Optional for additional cost
Trip Interruption*,*** 150% of the Trip Cost limit
Trip Delay up to $200/day, $1,000 max
Itinerary Change $250 per person
Single Occupancy Supplement up to 100% of Trip Cost
Missed Connection $1000
Travel Inconvenience $250 per each inconvenience up to a maximum of $750
Pet Return Up to $1000
Baggage & Personal Effects $2,500, subject to per item maximum of $300
Medical Evacuation & Repatriation of Remains included up to $1,000,000
Political, Security or Natural Disaster Evacuation $125,000
Search & Rescue $25,000
Baggage Delay 12 hrs min delay, $600 max
Baggage Delivery $100 per trip
Emergency Accident and Emergency Sickness Medical Expense $100,000 per person
Dental Expense $750 per person
Accidental Death & Dismemberment $25,000

*Up to the lesser of the Trip Cost paid or the limit of coverage on Your confirmation of coverage
**You must insure the total cost of all prepaid non-refundable Travel Arrangements that are subject to Cancellation Penalties
***$1000 Return air ticket cost only if $0 Trip Cost displayed for Trip Cancellation

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Travel Insurance Coverage:
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Travel Assistance Coverage:
Redpoint Resolutions LLC provides travel assistance and non-insurance services. Travel assistance and non-insurance services are not insurance. An evacuation, travel assistance and non-insurance service program may be purchased individually without travel insurance through a membership program. By selecting the “Evacuation only, no travel insurance” coverage option, you will be purchasing a Redpoint Resolutions evacuation, travel assistance and non-insurance service program membership.


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