Redpoint medically evacuates client from Jordan after broken ankle

Client evacuated from Jordan after broken ankle

A Redpoint client was touring Amman, Jordan, with her husband when she fell down a set of stairs and her leg was in severe pain. Suspecting serious injury, her tour guide arranged for her to be taken to a local hospital and then contacted Redpoint Operations, who were in immediate communication with local doctors.

X-rays at the Jordanian hospital revealed that the client had sustained a fractured ankle and would require surgery. She elected to have that procedure done at home in Texas.

After physicians had set a temporary cast, provided her with pain medications and cleared her for air travel, Redpoint flew the couple home in business class seats where she could comfortably recline and elevate her leg.  Redpoint arranged for wheelchair transport for their departing flight, connections and arrival. A driver picked them up at Dallas Fort Worth airport and brought them home, where she is awaiting surgery.